Support with Purchases
Consult with us if interested in purchasing real estate in Japan

Support with Purchases

Consult with us if interested in purchasing real estate in Japan

Proposals for Property Information according to
Customer Needs

Using our network of Japanese real estate brokerage firms and an extensive database covering more than 40,000 properties, we offer proposals that best match your purchasing demands. If you find a property you are interested in, we can offer comprehensive support in arranging a Japan real estate tour for a preliminary inspection as well as assistance in finalizing your contract with the real estate agency.

Features of Our Support with Purchases

  • POINT 01

    An Extensive Property Database

    An Extensive Property Database
    By continuously partnering with real estate agents in Japan, we can gather an extensive collection of nationwide property information in real time. We are also capable of assessing the demands a variety of Japanese companies have for real estate transactions through our original network of partners. We even carry a wealth of information on Japanese properties not listed on websites, so please feel free to bring us your requests.
    • Investment properties・・・Rental properties for profit such as apartments and condominiums; properties for investment
    • Commercial properties・・・Land or office properties for businesses or shops
    • Residential properties・・・Properties for residences during the time spent in Japan such as apartments and stand-alone homes
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    A Far-reaching Network in Japan

    A Far-reaching Network in Japan
    In addition to our nationwide network of real estate agencies with shops dedicated to each region of Japan, we also employ a far-reaching network that encompasses everything from corporations, sole proprietorships, and the brokerage firms behind these transactions to customer information on the Japanese end users who are looking to make a real estate deal.
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    Solid Proposals Born from Expertise

    Solid Proposals Born from Expertise
    Our high level of expertise is made possible by specializing in Japanese real estate consulting. By constantly sharing information with Japanese real estate agencies, we are able to capture the intricacies of the Japanese market. And by utilizing our rich portfolio and experience in real estate transactions, we are capable of addressing any issues or worries you may have regarding real estate in Japan. We promise to propose a property that we believe best matches your purchasing needs.

Procedure for Purchasing Real Estate

  • Step 01
    First, let us know your requests. Whether you are looking for investment, commercial, or residential properties, we handle a wide range of real estate needs. At this stage, we will consult with you about various conditions such as area, budget, and property type.
  • Step 02
    Property Proposal
    Based on the information you have provided, we will develop a proposal that best matches your needs from our database of over 40,000 Japanese properties.
  • Step 03
    Property Inspection in Japan
    If you find a property you like, we will assist you in setting up a preliminary inspection. Rest at ease as an An English-speaking representative will guide you on the day of your visit.
  • Step 04
    Contract of Sale
    If there is a property you are interested in purchasing, we will help you to contract of sale. We offer dedicated support in drawing up the contract and explaining and advising you on the appropriate details for your contract of sale.
  • Step 05
    Delivery of Property
    After the contract is executed, we will arrange for the delivery of your property. We will set you up with one of the exclusive legal scriveners we are partnered with to undertake the transfer of ownership. You can leave it all to us.
  • Step 06
    Follow-up Support
    After purchasing your property, we can also provide moving services or set up your internet. Please consult with us for details. If you have any other questions regarding living or property use, please feel free to contact us.
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