Which kind of basis decide to the walk time which from the station to the house?
The way distance every 80 meters, the use of time in 1 minutes conversion, less than 1 minute, According to 1 minute to calculate.
What's the contract?what kind of contract should be concluded?
(1)The contract includes: ①The contents of the special designation, trading value, the payment terms, provisional registration for the transfer of property, etc., are made between the parties to the sale and purchase transaction.
②The contents of the agreement reached by both parties are written in writing and signed and affixed with the signature of the parties and intermediary companies and real estate agent.
③③Give the written contract to the buying and selling parties respectively. (2)The main items recorded in the contract: ①Object of the buying and selling, and the amount of the transaction.②Deposit.③The time of payment and method etc。④Area of real estate. ⑤Boundary line indication。⑥Ownership transfer of time。⑦Deliver。⑧Release of a mortgage.⑨Transfer of ownership registration etc.⑩Decrease in value, damage, etc prior to delivery (For risk-taking).⑪Defect liability.⑫Pay of the equipment.⑬The relevant contract can be relieved after payment.⑭Compensation for breach of contract.⑮Loan application.⑯Burden of the stamp duty.⑰Collegiate bench of jurisdiction.⑱Negotiate obligations of foreign matters.
What's the meaning for the area equals of the land?
In Japan, the area of land is usually calculated by using flat land as its basic unit. "tsubo" of one is equivalent to two tatami size of about 3.3 square meters. Then, 1 square meters is equivalent to 0.3025 tsubo.
What's the meaning for the sign on the floor plan of the room ?
L――Living room
D――Dining room
S――Serice room
P.S――Pipe space
UB――Unit bathroom
MB――Ammeter box
"S" (service room) is often seening on the floor plan of room. What kind of room is usually meaning?
"S" means of the Storeroom is usually a room with 3 posts or a windowless room. In the building standard law, the windowless room is usually designated as a non living room. In addition, even the room with 8 quires is designated as a storage room without windows.
"tsubo unit price" is often heard. What is the basis of this calculation?
This is based on the sale price of the real estate divided by the number (area) of the floor.
For example, the sale price of real estate is 25 million yen, with an area of 50 square meters, so the floor price is calculated as follows:
25,000,000 ÷ 50 = 500,000 (square metre)
5,000,000 x 0.3025 = 1,512,500 (tsubo unit price )
How much will be paid for the down - payments?
In general,the down payment to the property price of 10% to 20%.Other, in addition to the purchase price, the fees required for handling taxes and loans are also paid in cash.
Could the customers live in China to buy real estate in Japan?
When you buy real estate in Japan, you can apply for a loan to the bank even if you live in China. (When applying for a loan, the bank will conduct a relevant review based on the conditions of the seller, and the results of the review will have the possibility of non-adoption, and the conditions such as the interest on the loan and the period of the loan will be subject to change.)
◎ Loan amount: 50 to 70% of real estate prices
◎ Loan period: 1 to 20 years
◎ Loan interest: 2.5% to 3% (depending on the results of the review)
◎ loan age: 20 to 65 years old
As the amount of interest on loans is 50 to 70% of the purchased real estate, you must pay the remaining amount in cash .
What files does the customers need to perpare to buy real estate in Japan?
When the customers purchase a real estate in Japan, customers will need a seal, an affidavit, which's a certificate of proof of the buyer's name in the country of residence, and a passport. If you have to find the heart of the real estate, first of all to the real estate broker to submit "purchase certificate", and then with the seller to negotiate the terms of the transaction, if the buyer and the seller agreed to agree, They can sign the contract. When signing the contract, the buyer need to pay a deposit, usually about 5 to 10% of the real estate price. The deposit is usually calculated at the time of the final settlement with the amount of the residual amount. It is important to note that the deposit won't be refunded if the contract is terminated after the contract has been completed due to the buyer's own reasons.
After the purchase of real estate in Japan, How to manage the real estate if the buyer is living in China?
We will help the customers introduce the real estate management company. Every customers can be fixed assets and other tax procedures entrusted to the management company's "taxpayer" to fulfill the tax obligations. The real estate management company, even if customers are not in Japan but also can be assured.